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Key Stage 4

Geography is offered as an optional subject at Key Stage 4, with students studying the WJEC GCSE.

The course enable students to continue to develop their skills in locating, communication, investigation and understanding processes. The core topics of the GCSE specification is studied in Year 10 and include: Water, river processes and managing rivers; Climate change; Living in an Active Zone; Changing Populations; Interdependence & Globalisation; and Development. The topics studied in Year 11 are chosen by the department and include: Our changing coastline; Tourism; and Retail & Urban Change.

Year 11 students are encouraged to attend a three day residential trip in order to complete the fieldwork element of their controlled assessment.

The assessment is split into three components:

Unit 1: Examination, lasting 1 hour 45 minutes, covering the core topic areas. This is sat at the end of Year 10 and worth 40% of the overall marks.

Unit 2: Examination, lasting 1 hour 15 minutes, covering the topics delivered in Year 11 and worth 35% of the overall marks.

Unit 3: Controlled assessment, worth 25% of the overall marks. This is based on fieldwork, and a problem solving decision making exercise.