At Key Stage 3, pupils have 2 lessons of Spanish per fortnight and follow the Viva text book. The course progresses from Year 7 through to the end of Year 9 introducing new vocabulary and grammar with increasing levels of knowledge required. Skills are given more or less equal priority in order to develop the listening, speaking, writing and reading skill appropriately to achieve a good level of understanding by the end of the course. Activities range in length and difficulty and aim to prepare the pupils for the GCSE course should they wish to choose it. There is also a cultural element to topics including festivals in Spain and South America and popular foods, music and fashion.



At Key Stage 4, pupils follow the WJEC GCSE Spanish course and have 4-5 lessons per fortnight. Students are prepared for four examination units each given 25% weighting. These units are Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing. These examinations test the students knowledge of the workings of the Spanish language as well as topical vocabulary and some knowledge of the culture and people of Spain. The examinations all take place at the end of Year 11.