ASDAN – or Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network – are an awarding body based in Bristol that have been operating since the 1980s.   At St Illtyd’s we have facilitated ASDAN qualifications since 2012, and we currently offer CoPE (Certificate of Personal Effectiveness) at both level 1 and level 2, over a minimum of two option choices at Key Stage 4.

CoPE aims to develop and demonstrate a range of skills, such as problem solving, discussion and research, whilst providing a way for students to gain credit for undertaking a wide variety of activities both inside and outside of formal education.  Students take responsibility for planning, organising and carrying out activities and challenges, with evidence collated in a portfolio that is then presented for external moderation.

ASDAN class sizes are small and appropriately supported.  ICT is used whenever possible as both research and a presentation tool.  The CoPE course has also recently been updated (January 2018) to include modules that reinforce learning from core subjects in preparation for external examinations.