Year 7

Unit 1– Geographical Skills

In this unit you will learn how to survive if the SatNav breaks!  You will have the opportunity to develop an understanding of all the aspects of map reading as well as designing your own.  You will have the opportunity to develop a more detailed knowledge of what Geography is and how it can impact upon your everyday life.  We will also travel around the world to broaden our knowledge of other countries and their way of life.

Unit 2 – Settlement

This unit will give you an understanding of how and why we live where we do and the consequences.  There will be the opportunity to complete persuasive writing as well as continuing to improve your map skills.

Unit 3 – Coasts

In this unit we will be investigating our ever changing coastline and the processes that lead to the fantastic landforms around the coast and there will also be the opportunity to find out how to protect this wonderful resource.

Unit 4&5 – Wales and Tourism

In this unit we will investigate how and why tourism has grown and the factors that influence where we will go on holiday.  Luckily for us money is no object and we will be travelling around the world with no expense spared!  We will discover the true meaning of what it means to be Welsh.  We will ensure that you are able to find your way around the country and become knowledgeable about the physical and human features.

Unit 6 – Spain

In this unit you will have the opportunity to complete an in depth country study.  You will be able to build up an understanding of how the climate effects the types of jobs there as well as the geography of the area.  We might even have a chance to sample the local delicacies!


Year 8

Unit 1 – Rivers

In this unit we will find out how the water cycle operates and the links to the river systems.  The formation of a waterfalls and what happens when there’s too much water in a river will give you an insight into the world of water.

Unit 2 – Population and development

In this unit the structure of the world’s population and how it changes are going to be investigated.   But people don’t always stay in the same place and how they migrate can be very drastic.

Unit 3 – Weather and climate

In this unit, the processes that take place around us every day are explained and how this affects our local area such as the school grounds.  We will investigate the evidence available about whether or not the climate is changing?

Unit 4 and 5 – Tropical Rainforest and Ecotourism

In this unit we will study the structure of one of the world’s most important resources and the way that it functions.  But will it still be here in years to come if we carry on with rapid deforestation?

Unit 6 – Antarctica

In this unit, we will be looking at one of the most remote places in the world.  But is the need for more space, resources and scientific research going to change this untouched world?


Year 9

Unit 1 – Italy

In this unit, we will investigate the importance of Europe and the European Union and the impact this has on the countries involved.  Italy, a famous tourist destination will be opened up and a greater understanding of how a country can be divided.

Unit 2 – Crime

In this unit, we will separate the good from the bad.  You will have the opportunity to study the impact of crime in both the local area and further afield in the gangs of Los Angeles.

Unit 3 – Volcanoes and earthquakes

In this unit, we will travel inside the earth to the core.  You will have the opportunity to uncover some of the earth’s greatest secrets and discover the deadly power that can be unleashed at anytime.

Unit 4 – Globalisation

In this unit, we will discover the increasing importance of interdependence around the world.  The industries of sport and fashion will be looked at in detail to show how we all have a responsibility to be a global citizen.

Unit 5 – Fashion

In this unit, we will put all the skills you have developed this year and throughout your geographical studies, to good use.  You will gain an insight into how the products in your life are made and the effect that they have on other people’s lives.



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