Media Studies

GCSE Media Studies is offered as an optional subject at Key Stage 4.

We live in a media saturated world. From video clips on your phone, to TV ads, blockbuster movies, posters at bus stops – we are surrounded by media messages for most of our waking hours. How do you make sense of them all? How do you know what they are trying to communicate on a conscious and subconscious level?

Media Studies will help students to increase their knowledge and understanding of a variety of media concepts, including: communication, design, planning, presentation, evaluation, critical thinking, research, story telling and creativity.

The course is split into three controlled assessments, worth a total of 60% of the overall marks, and an examination worth 40%.

Controlled assessments are made up of two textual investigations on different media categories, and one media production. These are marked internally and are subject to external moderation. The examination is sat at the end of the course and will cover two topics of a media genre set by the examination board.