Parent/Carer FAQs


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Uniform Poster July 2016

**New Uniform from September 2016**

Students are expected to wear full school uniform at all times whilst in school. The required uniform is:

BOYS*School Blazer (Years 7-9 will wear Green, Years 10-11 wear Black)

*School Tie

White collared shirt

Black trousers – not skinny fit, denim or canvas

Black footwear – no logos or other colours

Black socks

Dark waterproof coat – no logos

GIRLS*School Blazer (Years 7-9 will wear Green, Years 10-11 wear Black)

*School Tie

White collared shirt

Black tailored trousers (not skinny fit, denim, canvas, stretch or leggings) OR skirt (hem near the knee)

Black footwear – no logos or other colours

Black tights or socks

Dark waterproof coat – no logos

* These items are only available to purchase from the school

Coats should be a plain colour, waterproof with no logos.

Denim, T-shirts, cardigans, sweatshirts, tight fitting or low rise trousers, hooded tops, white or coloured footwear, trainers, daps and brightly coloured coats are not allowed in school. If they are worn then students will be asked to remove the items and they will be confiscated. Students may also be sent home to change into the correct uniform. Any school time missed due to this will be classed as an unauthorised absence.


A watch is permitted. Pupils may wear one stud in either or both earlobes. Any other jewellery or earrings will be confiscated and returned to students at the end of the week. Plastic wristbands and loom bands are also not permitted and liable for confiscation.

[toggle_item title=”What happens if the school is not open due to adverse weather conditions?”]

Should the need arise to close the school, due to inclement weather or other emergency, we will notify parents as soon as possible by a variety of methods, including:

– A message on the school website

– Text message to all parents

– Twitter

– Cardiff Council website

– Capital FM and Real Radio

If the school closes, then we aim to place a message on the website and on Twitter by 3pm that day to confirm if we intend to reopen on the following day. If this changes, then the media above will be used to communicate this.

[toggle_item title=”How does my child pay for their school meals?”]

We have two new systems aimed at reducing the amount of cash and cheques being sent into school.

ParentPay – this online portal will allow parents and carers to pay for school trips, uniform, PE kit, music tuition and school meals by debit or credit card. This will provide reassurance that the money has been sent directly to the school, without having to wait for cheques to clear or sending large amounts of cash in with pupils. Activation letters will be sent out shortly – please look out for them! If you would like further information please take a look at their website –

Cashless Catering – in conjunction with the above system, we are introducing a cashless till system into the school canteen from 9th November 2015. Pupils will have an account that is accessed by their thumbprint. Parents and carers can top-up their child’s account online using ParentPay, or alternatively a ‘Revaluation’ machine will be installed where pupils can top their account up in school with cash. An added benefit from this system will enable you to see exactly what your child has purchased through the ParentPay portal.

To roll this out to pupils we will require your consent. Forms have been issued on 29/9/15, please return these to school by 5th October 2015. Forms can be accessed here – Biometric Consent Form

If your child is eligible for Free School Meals, their account will be credited with £2.65 per day automatically. If the full amount is not used in a day then the remainder is removed and a new amount credited the following day. Parents can still top-up their account with cash – the system will always use the Free School Meal credit first.

Please find an information leaflet here – Cashless Catering System


[toggle_item title=”Who is my first point of contact with enquiries about my child in school?”]

Our Progress & Wellbeing Team is led by Mr Moriarty, Deputy Headteacher. The Progress team will aim to keep you up to date with your child’s activities at home by publishing a termly summary of their learning on this page, along with a document that will help you as parents and carers to support this at home.

Year 7 Progress Leader: Mr I Price


Year 8 Progress Leader: Mr A Fleet


Year 9 Progress Leader: Mr K Green


Year 10 Progress Leader: Mrs R Fry


Year 11 Progress Leader: Mrs M John