School Update

The school has now partially reopened. Pupils must only come to school on their designated day and allocated start time. 

Year groups have a designated day per week to attend:

Year 7 – Mondays

Year 8 – Tuesdays

Year 9 – Wednesdays

Year 10 – Thursdays

If you would like a place for your child, please email and we can provide further details. 

The school office and switchboard will be open from 8am until 1pm untilt he end of term. Please direct any enquiries outside of these times to .

Update 22/06/2020 – End of Summer Term

Please see the attached letter from the Headteacher regarding the end of the summer term and revised opening dates.  

School Reopening Procedures 15/06/2020

The School will be open to check in and catch up. The aim in this period is to help and support your child in anyway we can and also to reinforce the work carried out online. In school, there will also be specific subject lessons. When not in school pupils will be expected to carry on with their online learning.

Each school is tackling this differently depending on its context and circumstances. At St Illtyd`s we have two major considerations which we have taken into account when planning the school reopening.

  1. The wellbeing of pupils and staff. Social distancing guidelines have to be followed and the less pupils and staff we have on site at any one time lessens the risk of the spread of Covid 19.
  2. With the enforcement of social distancing we can only fit 6 to 8 pupils in a classroom at any one time. This means that for a typical class of 30 we need four classrooms and four members of staff.

As such we are forced to operate a reduced timetable and the school day will look very different.

The School Day

There will be a maximum of nine pupils in a classroom.

The day will consist of three one hour lessons, and a twenty minute break.

The break will be staggered so that only one bubble is out at any one time.

The pupils will stay in the classroom for their lessons and the teachers will move.

Pupils are to arrive at their given start time.

School will finish at 11:50am or 12.20pm.

There will be a staggered dismissal of pupils after this time to avoid pupils congregating and breaking social distancing guidelines.

The canteen will be closed. Pupils must bring their own food and drink to be consumed at breaktime.

Pupils will be expected to bring their own equipment as “sharing” is no longer an option under current conditions.

Pupils will be expected to attend in uniform.

We appreciate that this can come across as a bit of a shock to what we are all used to but it is the way we have to proceed during these unprecedented times to ensure the safety of all. It is far from a normal school day or week but it is a start in the right direction. Combined with our online learning it is part of a slow and cautious build up over time. It is aimed at giving every pupil a chance to ‘check-in’ to assess their wellbeing, their learning and what support is required. We are looking forward to welcoming them back.


The school has and is taking every effort to ensure the wellbeing of pupils and staff on site. This includes:-

Enforcing social distancing guidelines

Regular cleaning of the site including cleaning of door handles, desks etc.

Abundant hand sanitiser and wipes

Optional face masks

If any pupil is unwell in school, they will be isolated and their home will be contacted immediately to collect them.

Were any pupil to refuse to follow instructions especially around social distancing, they will need to be removed from site, by their parent or carer, for the safety and protection of everyone.

We have tried to cover every possibility and make the site as safe as possible for all concerned but we cannot guarantee 100% safety from Covid 19. No school can.

Thank you for all your support and hard work supporting your child’s learning at home. It has been hard for all concerned but hopefully this is the start of the process of getting us all back together and getting us all ready for the terms to come.

I hope that you and your families continue to stay safe and well.

Yours sincerely

D B Thomas


As of 27/4/20 we have updated our distance learning, please see the attached letter for more details.

Click here to access online pupil work

Year 11 – Qualifications Wales have issued the attached letter on 03/04/2020, outlining how grades will be awarded for GCSE and Skills Challenge qualifications this year.

Year 10 – for information regarding exams you were due to sit this summer please see the latest letter from Qualifications Wales.

For prayers and access to a daily mass, presided over by Pope Francis, click here.

Free School Meal Provision

Cardiff Council are currently operating two schemes to support parents who have children eligible for free school meals.

Scheme 1 enables parents to access a downloadable voucher for use in a variety of supermarkets. To access this scheme please contact Cardiff Council on 029 2053 7250 or email

Scheme 2 allows money to be deposited directly into your bank account using ParentPay, the school’s online payment system. Funds are usually available to withdraw by 10am every Monday. If you have a query with this system please contact If you do not have a ParentPay account set up please contact the school at