Our Additional Learning Needs department is led by Mrs D Jenkins, who is the Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion.

Mrs Jenkins leads a team that includes our two ALNCos and a team of 9 Teaching Assistants. They provide a range of support within class, through withdrawals and specific intervention groups in order to assist our students and address their individual needs.

In KS3 we have our Learning To Learn provision run by our Additional Learning Needs department. This is designed for a small number of pupils who may need additional support with emotional development, resilience and processing skills. the aim of these sessions is to ensure that our pupils develop the skills needed to thrive in a mainstream classroom. These classes are usually no more than 10 pupils and are taught by the ALNCo. These sessions are for one hour per week. Pupils will still attend the majority of their lessons with their peers and delivered by subject specialists.

In Key Stage 4 the department offers specialist Level 2 qualifications, such as Asdan.

ALN Regional Information for CYP Parents and Carers

Cardiff ALN Guide for Parents – Download HERE

Additional Needs Guidance – Download HERE 

Parents Guide to the ALN Process – Download HERE

A guide to a Person Centred Meeting for Parents – Download – HERE

Advice & Guidance from Cardiff Council

Should you like further information on this provision, please contact our Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion, Mrs D Jenkins.