The school aims to reduce the use of cash and cheques by using the ParentPay system for all payments including catering, music tuition and school trips.

ParentPay – this online portal allows parents and carers to pay for school trips, uniform, PE kit, music tuition and school meals by debit or credit card. This will provide reassurance that the money has been sent directly to the school, without having to wait for cheques to clear or sending large amounts of cash in with pupils. If you require an activation letter to set up an account for your child, please contact the school office. If you would like further information please take a look at their website –

Cashless Catering – in conjunction with the above system, we use a cashless till system in the school canteen. Pupils have an account that is accessed by their thumbprint. Parents and carers can top-up their child’s account online using ParentPay. An added benefit from this system is that it will enable you to see exactly what your child has purchased through the ParentPay portal.

We require parent or carer consent to store your child’s biometric data for the system. This data is stored securely in school. Permission forms can be accessed here – Biometric Consent Form

If your child is eligible for Free School Meals, their account will be credited with £3.05 per day automatically. If the full amount is not used in a day then the remainder is removed and a new amount credited the following day. Parents can still top-up their account with additional cash – the system will always use the Free School Meal credit first.

Please find an information leaflet here – Cashless Catering System