Governing Body

The Governing Body of the school is chaired by Fr Brian Gray. Foundation Governors are appointed by the Archdiocese of Cardiff to oversee the running of the school.


Current members of the Governing Body are:

Helen Davies                   Foundation

Lisa Gerson                      Foundation

Fr Brian Gray                  Foundation

Maureen Greening         Foundation

John Grimes                    Foundation

Margaret Hacker            Foundation

Bernadette Hurley          Foundation

Peter Landers                  Foundation

Emma Roach                   Foundation

Martin Price                    Foundation

Kathryn Rich                   Foundation

Fr Philip Scanlan            Foundation

Claire McLennan            Parent

Mike Willoughby            Parent

Justine Pianowski           LEA

Donna James                   Teaching Staff

Wendy Shanahan            Support Staff

David B Thomas                   Headteacher

Anne Cullen                      Clerk