St Illtyd's College, 1964 - 1988, Newport Road, Rumney, Cardiff

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Trip to Rome 1984 - Canonisation of Saint (Brother) Miguel Febres Cordero FRS

Francisco Luis Febres-Cordero y Muñoz (7 November 1854 – 9 February 1910), known as (later Saint) Miguel Febres Cordero and Brother Miguel, was an Ecuadorian Roman Catholic religious brother. He became a professed member of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, colloquially known as the La Salle Brothers. He assumed the name Miguel upon his admittance into the order.

He resided in his native home of Ecuador for almost four decades where he promoted education and evangelization before he relocated to Spain where he continued to perform his duties for his order. He also became a prolific writer and penned various manuals and odes amongst other publications.

Pope Paul VI beatified him on 30 October 1977 and Pope John Paul II canonized him almost a decade later on 21 October 1984 as the first male Ecuadorian saint. He remains a national hero in his native land and his tomb has become a site of pilgrimage. His liturgical feast is celebrated on an annual basis on the date of his death.[1]