School Day

It is imperative that students arrive to school on time. Students should be on the school site by 8:20, in order to make their way to their registration room at 8:25. Lateness to school and individual lessons is recorded on our registration system, and the time lost is made up in break and lunchtime detentions. Lateness is also reported to parents at regular intervals.


St Illtyd’s operates a two week timetable. The school day has changed for 2016/17 and is now structured as follows:

08:30 Registration & Assembly

09:00 Lesson 1

10:00 Lesson 2

11:00 Break 1

11:30 Lesson 3

12:30 Lesson 4

13:25 Break 2

13:55 Lesson 5

14:50 End of school day