Governing Body

The Governing Body of the school is chaired by Fr Brian Gray. Foundation Governors are appointed by the Archdiocese of Cardiff to oversee the running of the school. Current members of the Governing Body are:

Fr Brian Gray

Foundation - Chair

Maureen Greening


John Grimes

Foundation - Vice Chair

Margaret Hacker


Bernadette Hurley


Peter Landers


Martin Price


Kathryn Rich


Emma Roche


Shaun Wilcox


Lee Mullane


Claire McLennan


Nichola Napper


Catherine Giles


Lisa Gerson

Local Authority

Joanne Berryman

Teaching Staff

David Brown

Teaching Staff


Support Staff

David B Thomas


Anne Cullen


Pupil Deprivation Grant


As a school containing pupils eligible for free school meals (eFSM), we receive additional funding per pupil to support the school's aims of narrowing the gap in attainment between these pupils and those not eligible. This funding is known as the Pupil Development Grant (PDG). This grant is awarded to the school per financial year, so all plans are created on this basis.



School Policies

Access Arrangements Policy December 2021

Admission Policy 2024

Anti Bullying Policy June 2023

Assessment, Recording & Reporting Policy January 2023

Attendance Policy July 2021

Behaviour Policy 2022

Careers & World of Work Policy December 2021

Centre Policy on Assessment March 2021

Charging & Remissions Policy 2023-24

Children Who Are Looked After (CLA) 2023

Child Protection Policy (Safeguarding) 2023

Child Sexual Exploitation Policy 2021

Collective Worship Policy December 2020

Complaints Policy Dec 2022

Curriculum Policy December 2021

Data Privacy Notice 2021

Data Protection Policy 2021

Drugs & Substance Misuse Policy 2021

Educational Visits Policy 2023

Environmental Information Regulations Policy 2022

Equalities Policy 2021

Expectations of Pupils Policy 2021

E-Safety and Social Media Policy December 2020

First Aid Policy December 2021

Freedom of Information Policy 2023

Global Citizenship & Sustainable Development Policy 2021

Health and Safety Policy 2022-23

Healthcare Needs Policy 2022

Healthy Schools Policy 2023 – 24

Homework Policy 2021

ICT Acceptable Use (Pupils) Policy 2023

ICT Acceptable Use (Staff) Policy 2023

Learning & Teaching Policy December 2021 

Lettings Policy 2023-24

Literacy Policy 2020

Managing Medicines Policy 2022

More Able & Talented Policy December 2021

Mobile Phone Policy

Numeracy Policy December 2020

PE Health & Safety Policy 2021

School Prospectus & Information 2022

Relationship & Sex Education Policy July 2023

Toilet Policy June 2023

Transition (KS2-KS3) Policy 2021

Uniform Policy 2024

Visitors Unacceptable Behaviour Policy 2022

Whistleblowing Policy 2023

Young Carers Policy 2023