The Chapel

We are delighted to be able to announce that our chapel has had a renovation and is back in use as the main focus of regular worship in the school. The chapel has been decorated and certain religious aspects have been added to the decor. We have acquired a beautiful set of Stations of the Cross that have been painted in the style of the Liberation Theology movement and were inspired by St Oscar Romero. Liberation Theology is a religious movement especially among Roman Catholic clergy in Latin America that combines political philosophy usually with a theology of salvation as liberation from injustice. We have chosen this style of Stations as a constant reminder of our mission as Catholics to combat injustice in all its forms and to spread Christ’s message of love in our words and actions. Our altar has been adorned with a tapestry of the Last Supper to remind us of the sacrificial nature of the faith. Christ’s sacrifice on the cross is an example to us all that we will be called to put others first at times in our lives and that this can be a difficult decision for us to make. We have recently been entrusted with a statue of Our Lady of Fatima. The statue stands proudly on our altar as a reminder of the important role Mary plays in the story of our salvation as the Mother of God. In time we hope to take the statue to our feeder primary schools and involve the younger pupils of our community in collaborative acts of worship.

The Chapel has already seen plenty of activity in the last few weeks. All pupils in Year 7, 8 and 9 have taken part in a service. The service focused on the meaning of the Epiphany, the visit of the Magi (or wise men) to the infant Jesus, and the gifts they brought to him. Our focus was on the gifts that we have and how we can use them to serve God. This term we will focus on the Stations of the Cross and what Jesus’ journey to Calvary means for us in the modern day. Staff have taken advantage of the Chapel by having a weekly prayer reflection on a Friday morning. The focus of these reflections varies from week to week and can be personal to the member of staff leading it or on a wider religious aspect.

Spiritual Life

‘Together in Christ we make a difference’

Welcome to the Spirituality section of our school website. I am delighted Catholicity and Spirituality are finally beginning to flourish after the last two years. The appointment of our school chaplain Victoria Wonnacott is an exciting opportunity to help our pupils and staff to develop their relationship with Christ and each other. This term has been really busy with services in our new chapel, a focus on Ash Wednesday, charity donations for Ukraine and the further development of the Jesuit Pupil Profile.

St Illtyd’s is a Catholic school with RE and spirituality at its core.

The mission of St Illtyd’s is to be a fully inclusive Catholic School where every person is valued and respected for who they are. We aim to educate our pupils in the wholeness of mind, body and spirit through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

St Illtyd’s offers the opportunities to fulfil this through:

• Dedicated RE lessons to develop pupils knowledge and understanding of the Bible and Church teachings
• Daily acts of worship – assembly and form time
• Regular form and year group Mass
• Working with partner primaries and parishes to promote unity and community values
• Develop awareness of the needs of the poor and oppressed
• Offer the opportunities to raise funds for local and international charities

‘Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.’
(Matthew 18:5)


12.09.22 Queen Elizabeth ll & Faith, Church role

20.09.22 Charity: Virtue & School Role

26.0.22 7 Deadly Sins Greed/Compassionate & Loving

3.10.22 7 Deadly sins Pride, Humility & Compassion

10.10.22 Black History Month linked to term virtues

17.10.22 7 Deadly Sins Lust

24.10.22 Feast of All Saints







07.11.22 Remembrance Day/ Feast of St Illtyd

14.11.22 7 Deadly Sins Sloth & Gluttony

21.11.22 7 Deadly Sins Wrath & Envy

28.11.22 Start of Advent/Hope

05.12.22 Advent Peace

12.12.22 Advent Joy

19.12.22 Advent Love






09.01.23 The Epiphany / Pope Benedict XV1 funeral

16.01.23 Eloquent & Truthful

23.01.23 Holocaust Memorial

30.01.23 The Presentation of the Lord

06.02.23 CAFOD

13.02.23 Ash Wednesday/ Valentine/Turkey-Syria





27.02.23 Lent

06.03.23 International Women’s Day

13.02.23 Third Sunday of Lent

20.03.23 Annunciation/ Feast Day

27.03.23 Easter / Holy Week